It takes a village.

The Range Family at 2023 HVC3

It takes a village.

The first annual Happy Valley Comic and Collectibles Convention was held February 25 and 26, 2023.

The organizers: Tom, Maureen, Megan and Mitchell Range began this venture a year ago. We mulled over this 6-year “someday” thought of hosting a comic and collectibles convention and decided that now was a good time.

We were able to discuss our intentions with Dave Gerdes from The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau in January of 2022. He seemed very interested in providing financial support. Along with the bureau we were able to enlist other financial assistance from Matt Gourley, Dan Connolly, and Neil Carney (owner of Comics Vault).

We searched for the proper venue for a few weeks and decided on The Nittany Valley Sports Centre.

Sean Kader, Director of Major Events at the centre, provided us with direction, encouragement and enthusiasm to organize this convention.

Sean and his staff were key in enabling us to be successful.

In the spirit of acknowledgement we also wanted to mention the following people who allowed us to step into the realm of Happy Valley Comic and Collectibles Convention:

First and foremost, Mary Motz, who was our web site Guru from the onset and who will be posting this.


  • Ticketing Lead: Mitchell Range
  • Ticketing help am: Seth Wilcox, Ryan Wagner, Dante Marcucci, Avery LeVan,
  • Ticketing help pm: Mary Motz, Cindy Rusnak and Patty Philips
  • Stage Lead: Megan Range
  • Stage help: Kevin Shawley and Mary Motz
  • Floor Lead: Maureen Range
  • Floor help: Mary Motz and “ Circle K” volunteers through Penn State University (Dan, Ben, Savannah, Van, Dylan, Katelyn, Summer and Kristina)
  • Announcer/Con controller: Tom Range
  • Autograph Management Lead: Matt Gourley
  • Autograph Management help: Dave Vanaman, Drea Choperena, Amanda Karl, Brandon Balloti, Andy Lawler and Jason Dunn
  • Artist Enlistment Lead : Neil Carney
  • Logo creators: Maureen and Megan Range
  • Logo graphics consultant: Kevin Shawley
  • Social Media Lead: Tom Range:
  • Social Media Student Outreach: Julia Coulter and Jake Morelli
  • Sign/Banner Creators: Brian Gavek and Roy Flory (Gavek Graphics)
  • StateCations: Sharon and Lew Lazarow, Keith Gibbs.
  • Patton Township Police Department:
  • Chief Tyler Jolley
  • Officer Finochio
  • Officer McCaslin
  • Officer Vardzel

We are eternally grateful for everyone’s support be it financially, physically, mentally or spiritually.

Hope to see you all again next year…

Cue the music…

Maureen Range

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