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Ryan Brown as Dwight Schrute

Ryan Brown

Ryan is from St. Clairsville, Ohio and travels all over the country in order to raise money for animal charities, specifically Kitty Komrades. They are a cat rescue in Belmont County, Ohio and they do great things to make sure felines find homes. His mission is to help them continue the work they do and grow while giving the people who choose to meet him a great experience! He donates all of his profits from his appearances to helping the animals. Ryan will be there with an official Office desk signed by many of the cast members plus he will have Office merchandise for sale with the proceeds going to Kitty Komrades.

If you enjoyed watching The Office, you have to come out and meet our very own Dwight Schrute, Ryan Brown!

Eric Erickson

Eric Erickson

Eric has starred in popular genre films such as Dam Sharks and Jurassic Galaxy and the smash cult hit Snake Outta Compton. He wrote, directed and starred in the award-winning thriller Truth. He played the villainous Big Joe in the popular video game Life is Strange 2. As an author, Eric wrote the science fiction novel Ascension and the upcoming Virginia Dare, a part of the Torch Universe literary series he created. Eric is also the host of the popular podcast The Open Highway and wrote the #1 bestseller How to Start a Podcast in Less Than a Day.


Susanna Malak

If you have been watching The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett, then you probably have seen Susanna, though you might not have recognized her! Susanna has been a few creatures from the Star Wars Universe. She has been a Jawa in both The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian, and played the character of Thodobin in The Mandalorian and a Nevarro Melitto Citizen. She hasn’t been limited to just Star Wars, Susanna has also been a regular on the Raven Van Slender films and dabbled a little in horror as Dr. Luau in Mind Melters 3.
Susanna Malak - IMDb

Dan Vebber

Dan Vebber

Dan Vebber was one of the first editors of “The Onion” before falling into a career writing for TV shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Daria, Futurama, and American Dad! He has won three Emmys and a Writers Guild award for Best Animated Program. The past nine years he’s been a co-executive producer on The Simpsons, where he plans to stay until he dies.

Bruce Wechtenhiser

Bruce Wechtenhiser

Bruce is one of the world’s biggest Spider-Man fans. He has been collecting Spider-Man comic books and memorabilia for more than 50 years. Bruce's collection and stories of collecting have been featured in various media over the past two years. His emotional connection to the character is the hallmark of his collection. The emotional connection has been strengthened by many cool interactions with comic creators, other collectors, and a family who supports his hobby.

Bruce has also experienced all of Spider-Man’s introductions into various media (cartoons, tv shows, newspaper comic strips, movies, live theater). Another connection to the character: his entire life has been lived in Johnstown, PA, the hometown of Steve Ditko (co-creator of the character). For more information:


Adam Lenker & Dalek

Adam Lenker and his Dalek

Calling all Doctor Who Fans! Come out and get your pictures taken with this life size Dalek. We promise it won’t “Exterminate!” you.

Alliance for Heroic Hearts

Alliance for Heroic Hearts

Based at University Park with volunteers comprised of Penn State students, the Alliance of Heroic Hearts is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of bringing out the hero in ordinary people. If you would like to get your face painted, have a balloon animal made, or just get a picture with their many cosplayers, go visit their station at the convention!

Garrison Carida

Garrison Carida

Garrison Carida is the Central and Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the 501st Legion. The 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist”, is truly dedicated to brightening the lives of those less-fortunate and has become a leading force in fan-based charity events.

Malachor Temple

Malachor Temple (PA Chapter of the Saber Guild)

Would you like to learn the ways of the force or learn how to wield a lightsaber? This preferred Lucasfilm lightsaber performance group will be holding free presentations and Padawan Training Sessions. The Padawan Training Sessions will also be free and there will be multiple children as well as adult training sessions. Sign-ups and release forms will be at the Malachor Temple’s booth!

PSU All Sports Museum

The Penn State All-Sports Museum

At the Penn State All-Sports Museum, visitors encounter, firsthand, the athletic history and heritage of one of the greatest universities in the nation. Staff from the museum will just have a small sample of the many artifacts available at the museum!

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